1)You are going to be assigned to a group of 3 people. Each group will have to work with the inventors and inventions of a particular century.

2) Agree tasks to perform. Each member of the group will have to complete these tasks:
STUDENT A: A brief timeline of the most important inventions for the century you've been assigned.
STUDENT B: A biography of the most important inventor in that century according to your group.
STUDENT C: Which of the inventions in the century you studied most influenced the world? Why do you think so?

1) Group work: It is usually said that "need is the mother of invention". Well, you have to come up with a new idea for an invention. It doesn't necessarily have to be a product. You can think of something you need to improve or a new technique to learn some vocabulary, a new cards came, a strange but funny sport ... Use your imagination!!

3)Create a presentation with all the information you got.